Shepreth Station and Groundwork East

18th October 2021

It has been a long time in the making!  Working throughout lockdown and the navigation has been full of pitfalls, but the consultation and public engagement project at Shepreth station is finally installed.  It is great to be able to realise the completion of the public consultation for Shepreth train station.    

Some press information:
The theme for the artwork is natural habitats and references the work of Shepreth Wildlife Park.  The material used is printed di-bond aluminium sheeting, installed in the seating alcoves of Shepreth Station. This material gives a bright and joyful finish and fits well with the spirit of openness at the wildlife park. The sheeting is hardwearing, lightweight and has minimal ongoing maintenance requirements.

Introducing nature themes into stations is recognised to improve wellbeing and passenger experience. The Station itself is a habitat, represents migration as well as being a resting point before onward travel. The theme of natural habitats brings human and animal habitats together in harmony and provides a relaxing experience for human travellers.

Fundamental to the surface design for the shapes is the selection of key motifs that dovetail with the key theme and the work of the Wildlife Park. The focus is:

Platform 2:  The Hedgehog sanctuary. This is an in-situ project run by the wildlife park that fits well with the waiting areas as they are a safe space. The effect is to create a shared native habitat that protects commuters and shelters them from the elements.

Platform 1:  The Red Panda is friendly and a welcoming image for trainpassengers in waitingareas. It highlights an ex-situ programme, Red Panda Day, which raises funds to support conservation projects across the wildlife park’s range.  The image of the Red Panda connects with the Red Panda breading programme at the Wildlife Park and the associated feelings of fruitfulness, happiness and wellbeing.

Sarah Core is an artist working both in gallery settings and in crossover spaces.  Sarah was the lead artist on the work for Shepreth station, which was developed collaboratively with fellow artist, Carole Sender.  As an educator and speaker Sarah specializes in conceiving and producing clay workshops, inviting participants to enjoy the power of their own creative endeavour.  She delivers complex community projects not only with clay and ceramics but different materials that meet the requirements of context in which they are placed.  These all focus on improvement and enhancement of environment and the lives of local people.


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