Open Studios 2019 – connecting artists, artisans and art-lovers

Events September 2019

#BarnetArtists at Compass Residential :  7 – 29 September 2019
#BarnetArtists is a collective of 15 or so Artists living and working in Barnet, who found each other in 2018 through the Open Studios network of Herts Visual Arts.  We are passionate about the value of art, making and participation.  

Mark Newton at Compass Residential is passionate about community and activity and wellbeing and has invited #BarnetArtists to exhibit in a group exhibition for the duration of the Open Studios.

Compass Residential – Gallery Space
1238 High Road
N20 9HJ
Directions:   5 mins walk Totteridge and Whetstone Underground,  well served by local bus routes, free parking (time limited outside the venue).
Special Information:   contact individual artists for sales
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 3pm
Sunday: Closed
Wheelchair access:  partial

Herts Visual Arts Open Studios From 7th-29th September 2019, Herts Open Studios again brings artists, artisans and art-lovers together.  Three weeks of inspiration, discovery and rich opportunity, bringing art into the heart of our communities across Hertfordshire.  Hertfordshire is a large county so there is lots to see and the HVA have introduced an interactive online map to make it easy to see which venues are near to you.  

I will be exhibiting with fellow artist Liz Purkis at Venue #16 for two weekends in September.  Click here to visit the venue listing on the HVA website.  To visit the HVA map and download the brochure please click here.

Please feel free to contact me direct or to follow us on social media @sarahcorearts and @giz2058 or with hashtags #barnetartists and #hertsopenstudios

38 Temple Avenue
N20 9EH
Directions:   3 mins walk Oakleigh Park Station, 10 mins Whetstone High Road; free parking.
Telephone:   07788 414805 (Liz); 07812851396 (Sarah)
Special Information:   Refreshments available, Practical demonstrations, Credit card facility.
Opening Hours
14 – 15 September:  11am to 4pm
21 – 22 September:  11am to 4pm

Nude Tin Can Gallery – 18 September 2019, St Albans

I am also delighted to be exhibiting at the Nude Tin Can Gallery on 18 September 2019.   I will be in the gallery all day and will be demonstrating aspects of my making process.




Nude Tin Can
125 Hatfield Road
St Albans
Directions:   Nearest train: St Albans City
Parking:  1 hour free bays outside the Gallery
Telephone:   02083 614319 (Sarah’s Studio);  01727 569291 (Nude Tin Can Gallery)
Mobile or alternative number:   07812 851396 (Sarah)
Email (Website):
Special Information:   Practical demonstrations, Credit card facility
Opening Hours
Wednesday 18 September  11am to 4pm
Wheelchair access:  

Bring yourself and other art-lovers to the Open Studios month #hertsopenstudios #barnetartists.

HVA open studios online brochure 2019

Launch night at Hertford Castle, 5 April 2019

It was a great way to start the weekend!  I was given a platform to speak about my work as part of the Hertford Arts Trail 2019 launch night at Hertford Castle. The audience were a sea of new faces to me so very unlike the teaching experience of more recent years (I am also remembering presenting to large delegations of surgeons in a previous working life!). It was a warm welcome and I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you Hertford Council and Courtyard Arts for the opportunity!

Opening night at Nude or Fully Clothed

It was a great to meet so many people at the Nude Tin Gallery on Friday night. The opening was a great success with collectors and artists meeting and talking about their interests. Thanks very much to the Nude Tin Gallery for a wonderful opening and for these photos of the night. The show is open until 29 January. Please take a look at the Facebook events page for full opening hours .

Up Against It

This piece explores the complex relationship between feminine beauty, making, work and feminine power.  It works with a figure from my own mythology that emerged as an image in a dream. 

It presents an unconventional beauty pressing her breast against a brick wall as she reaches forwards in an exaggerated gesture.  Her boundary is only in front of her; there is no brick wall behind her. 

The body of the woman is a solid piece of clay:  the brick wall is built around her.  Surface decoration is with contrasting matt and gloss slips and glazes.  In particular, the white slip and pink glaze wash on her body accentuate the texture in her skin as they shrink and crack during firing.  Her ‘makeup and nails’ are coloured gloss glazes.

These materials all develop when fired to 1260°C.  She is an object that has emerged from my lived experience but, more widely, queries boundaries of work within which the feminine operates.  A solid form, raw, cracked and imperfect, fixed in a gesture that reaches forward.


My latest piece has been a long time in making.  The finishing of wisdom is, as one might expect, a slow process!  But in all seriousness, the qualities in this ancient moustachioed man really touches something about the nature of wisdom.

This piece explores the societal expectations that accompany traditions of knowledge and wisdom.

It presents the archetype of a single man, supporting his head with his dominant hand. The head and the mouth are hollow vessels, containing and expressing infinite knowledge. The moustache, in the form of a generous blue bow on an enlarged white glazed mouth, is a symbol of male societal traditions in beauty, age and rank.

The figure emerged through the ‘making first’ technique; taking a piece of clay and making without directing thought or expectation. Surface decoration is with contrasting slips and glazes and are fully developed at 1260°C. In particular, the gloss blue and white of the mouth and moustache speak to the large historical catalogue of blue and white ceramics.

A man made by a woman is a significant: it refers more widely to a movement towards healing and wholeness that is central to my practice.

Doorstops: punctuation and the studio move

The move to the new studio feels more complete now I have a doorstop!  It feels like the great punctuation mark in the flow of my practice and moment to reflect on which step to take next.

There has now been a solid 9 months of making in the new space and the Open Studios was a great way to open up to the world and welcome it in. I am glad to say the ‘world’ visited!

Much of my making is directed by intuition and the last 9 months has been happy conversation between tableware and figurative sculpture.  I realise now on a personal level that the tableware has been a process of homemaking, literally moving in and finding function for the new space.  The result is a bold quality and function combined, which, as a thrower, is a subject I return to again and again. It has really worked well.  Now I feel more able to focus on the making of figurative work which is in many ways more demanding but much more rewarding for it.

Happy Saturday folks!

Open Studios Announced: save the date, 8 and 15 September 2018




Happy to announce that the next Open Studios will be in September.  I have joined forces with  Herts Visual Arts, bringing together the amazing range of artists that live and work in Hertfordshire.  I will be open on 8 and 15 September 11.30am – 5pm.  New work will be on show and there is an opportunity to buy direct (works from £150).

This promises to be an inspiring month with a great depth of Hertfordshire’s artistic talent on show throughout.  Hertfordshire is a large county so there will be a lovely thick booklet to whet the appetite and to keep everybody engrossed for the whole month.  I will be listed as ‘Enterprise Arts’, and will be showing with a colleague, Hilary Kidd, who works with mixed media 2d photography and print.  See more of her work at  

Register your interest by contacting me via the contact page to receive the brochure but watch social media for updates and developments:  #hertsopenstudios