Lockdown is eased!  

  1. NEW SERIES:  launched 4 July.  Due to unavoidable circumstances, the remainder of the second series has been postponed until the autumn 2020.    LIVE STREAM guided ‘mindfulness clay workshop’ e-classes into your home. 
    Some reviews:

    “Thank you for a great class! Nice mediation & great delivery.” DA
    “There is something really…organic to taping into your intuition and meditating as a starting point. I often create with a purpose and then I need to make a thing and it was really enjoyable to let go of that…then you go from there and then work with it and develop.” EM

    2 hours per session.  This will allow for more complex projects and to give more time for shared making, reflection and development which is a very valuable part of making in a group. These sessions can now be booked via the online shop but I am very happy to take bookings by email at sarah@sarahcorearts.com if you prefer.

  2. Clay at Home – clay projects postal service #clayathome clay parcels are continuing! 

    My intention for the project was to offer my labour on a voluntary basis during this stressful Covid period for therapy and creativity.  It has been amazing to facilitate and wonderful to experience the benefits for everyone who has taken part.
    The £6 pack price for 1kg of clay with worksheets covers only materials and packing.  It is now coming to the time that I need to start earning an income again. I am delighted to continue to offer the packs, though at a price that also includes my work, as of 4 July, £16 for 1kg of clay plus £5.57 postage. There will be some new projects worksheets included in the pack with a selection of 6 paints and a paintbrush with mixing palette too. This is available to buy via the shop and Clay at Home parcels can still be made by BACS in the mean time.  Please email sarah@sarahcorearts.com for my bank details and to let me know the address for clay dispatch.

Clay Coronavirus (COVID-19) – #Stayathome clay parcels and mindful making classes streamed into your home.

  1. LIVE STREAM guided ‘mindful making through clay’ classes into your home. 
    What is included:  Mindful making through clay workshop, in a Zoom group with an experienced ceramic artist and meditation teacher.   1kg of air dry clay dispatched in advance of the class (please allow 5 working days for delivery prior to the class), plus 40 minutes meditation making through clay. The focus will be on our personal connection with the material rather than technique as the technical outcome is less important than the process in this instance.  This process will allow participants to slow down and relax through the process of making in a calm non-judgemental space, providing an opportunity to connect with themselves through the material and to others in the group to share their experience.
    When:  Each Saturday at 2pm, starting 16 May 2020.
    Cost:  Free to attend but if you need clay I can dispatch this for £11.47 for clay and postage at cost, plus donations (the session itself is free of charge but open to donations). If you already have clay of your own please feel free to register and work with that during the class, a donation would still be welcome.
  2. Clay at Home – clay projects postal service

1kg of air dry clay with project sheets online video tutorials £11.47 (£6 for the clay plus £5.47 postage).
Payments for classes and Clay at Home parcels can be by BACS but you can also pay HERE. Please email sarah@sarahcorearts.com for my bank details. Please email to let me know the address for clay dispatch.  For classes the Zoom meeting will be emailed to confirmed participants.








Being positive is so important right now. Clay can be so therapeutic. I am based in Barnet in north London but can post nationally.

Clay parcels are ready to roll! Contact me if you would like 1kg parcel of air dry clay with project sheets and online group workshops for £6 plus postage.  2kg for £11 plus postage (larger parcels makes this expensive and difficult).  My daily exercise can be the walk to the post box and back, so this can be delivered safely observing social distancing as it’s a quiet road.

Let’s build a space for those who may be looking for home activities right now.

Please call or email sarah@sarahcorearts.com.

MONDAY 23 MARCH 2020.  We live in uncertain times and I am not ashamed to admit that I have been swinging between extremes of emotion all day about what the immediate future holds. Looking at my stock of gives me a tremendous sense of calm, knowing that there is always potential for reinvention. CLAY PARCELS are a way through.


“Harmony is not always exact”.

Sarah is a British Ceramic Artist who works with the physical, mindful and repetitive process of making in clay.  Her work is to a great extent about ‘being a woman’ and emerges as visceral, highly textured, and vibrantly decorated high fired ceramics.

“There is a preoccupation in my work with the immanence of the feminine and the results, or lessons, of that experience….each piece is a meditation on this emergent experience.”

Sarah works to build national opportunities to exhibit as a woman artist, both in gallery settings and in crossover spaces.  As an educator and speaker she produces community projects and clay workshops, inviting participants to enjoy the power of their own creative endeavour.

Her work is also available at specialist ceramics exhibitors and direct from her studio (by appointment please).

Check the blog for latest news and events and visit the About and Educator pages of this site for more about her practice.  Please feel free to call her or make contact to arrange a visit.


Click on each image to show details and prices for Sarah’s sculpture.  A selection of pieces are available for direct purchase from the Shop.

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Hand held ceramics

Click on each image to show details and prices for Sarah’s unique hand held ceramic work.  A selection of pieces are available for direct purchase from the Shop.

Collections are available to retailers at lower prices points. Please contact Sarah directly for more information.

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Welcome!  You will find more information about me, my material and exhibitions of my work.

About me:
I began making following a life-threatening accident.  My recovery was both an internal and external one, integrating the two to reach wholeness.  I was introduced to the practice of meditation which continues to be a daily practice of internal observation and stillness.

 “What is personal to me is also reflected in the wide culture;..the growing sense that contemporary female icons in art can now be accepted” (Sandy Brown). 

The place of female art and female artists as been firmly planted by figures such as Sandy Brown and yet a global culture pervades where women are now simultaneously ‘at work’ and ‘at home’.  There is a preoccupation in my work with the immanence of the feminine and the results, or lessons, of that experience.  Each piece of work is a meditation on this emergent experience.

Throwing on the Leach Wheel is a deeply physical and repetitive process, which works as a vehicle to express my relationship with the domestic realm.  My figurative work emerges through a process of mindful touch and exploration, where the outcome is not known.  I believe the ceramics that result to be embodiments of archetypes from my internal narrative, given reach through making.

Barbara Hepworth described herself as an “artist in society”, asserting the role of an artist within their community or wider art world.

As an educator and speaker it is possible to inspire and share the joy of working with clay.  My drive to work in community participation projects and arts for health and wellbeing settings stems from a firm belief in clay and what it can do.  Inviting people to experience the freedom and joy of making is very powerful and builds both individual and community wellbeing.

I have worked on a range of education projects, from small scale drop-in workshops, opportunities for “make and take” in clay, bespoke making workshops combining meditation and relaxation as well as large scale projects with organisations such as Clayground Collective, who invite the public to engage in activities which are “enjoyable, absorbing and meaningful and from which they can learn”. 

About my material: 
After exploring numerous different clays over several years, I now work with two types of clay, both firing to stoneware temperatures. This gives both flexibility and a range of expression that feels full of endless possibilities.

About my exhibitions:
I am a graduate of Central St Martins School of Art and Design and have exhibited at Pangolin London, at the Red Gallery, the Brick Lane Gallery, the Nude Tin Can Gallery, the London Design Festival, with the Society of Designer Craftsmen and in a solo show in their Shoreditch Gallery.  I am working to build national opportunities exhibiting and teaching as a woman artist.


What is mindfulness?

‪Very glad to be reading this from @MindfulNationUK ‬ ‪What is mindfulness? ‬ ‪“Mindfulness is an innate human capacity that enables people to intentionally focus on what they experience in the moment with an attitude of openness, curiosity and care.”‬ ‪https://www.themindfulnessinitiative.org/what-ismindfulness ‬

We Find Local – in conversation feature

This recent article on We Find Local really engages the reader and I am delighted to have been approached to do this.  It also goes in depth and explains a lot of the motivation for my work.  I am also listed on the We Find Local website, along with other unique, independent businesses. #supportsmallbusiness https://wefindlocal.co.uk/interview-with-sarah-core-ceramicist-educator/

Open Studios 2019 – connecting artists, artisans and art-lovers

Events September 2019 #BarnetArtists at Compass Residential :  7 – 29 September 2019 #BarnetArtists is a collective of 15 or so Artists living and working in Barnet, who found each other in 2018 through the Open Studios network of Herts Visual Arts.  We are passionate about the value of art, making and participation.   Mark …