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Pottery, sculpture and wellbeing clay teaching studio in Elstree, Hertfordshire

Pottery throwing sessions

Check out our workshops to find the right date and time for you.  Look no further for supportive and expert teaching.

Team Days and hand building

Bespoke team days and hand building workshops that bring confidence, wellbeing and collaboration through clay.

Mindful making

Working with clay is therapeutic for many people because it encourages patience, focus, and concentration. Discover the joy of mindful making with my workshops for all abilities – from novice to expert.

Pottery throwing bundles

Do you have a throwing project that you need more than one session to realise?  Do you simply want a flexible space to explore throwing in more depth?  Available in 3 or 5 sessions bundles and valid for three months, these give you the flexibility of time and date but without the pressure of a subscription.  All firing, tools, clay and glazes are yours to use in our fully equipped Hertfordshire pottery studio. You are guaranteed a professional wheel for your own use and access to Sarah’s expertise and support for your sessions.

“The home of mindfulness clay”

Sarah is a British Ceramic Artist who works with the physical, mindful and cadenced process of making in clay.  At her pottery teaching studio in Home Farm in Elstree, in the heart of Hertfordshire, she has created a space that supports clay creativity and combines craft in clay with wellbeing.  Sarah provides an experience that is planted in nature, giving support and encouraging creative fulfillment.

“Working with clay naturally connects to our desires for calm, gentleness and ease and the more we experience working with this material (rather than ‘using’) the more we understand how rewarding and empowering our own creativity can be.”

Sarah also works in community settings and delivers public engagement projects. As an educator and speaker she makes use of the extensive organisational skills she has honed supporting immigration requirements for the British film and TV industry.  She conceives and produces clay workshops in ‘outreach’ settings, inviting participants to enjoy the power of their own creative endeavour, and these often result in permanent ceramic installations that celebrate the artwork created by participants.  She delivers complex community projects working not just with ceramics but different materials that meet the requirements of the context in which they are placed.  These focus on improvement and enhancement of environment and the lives of participants.

“Welcome to Sarah Core Arts!  I look forward to welcoming you to the studio”.

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Happy Students

Wonderful class…..I loved it, Sarah is a great instructor and I would definitely do this again.
- Becky Irvin