“Harmony is not always exact”.

Sarah is a British Ceramic Artist who works with clay to create highly textured and expressively decorated sculptures and produces a range of hand-made tableware in lively forms and vivid colours.

Sarah specialises in high fired vitreous ceramics (fired to stoneware, 1260°C)  All her tableware is glazed with food safe glazes and is dishwasher friendly!

She shows her work at specialist ceramics and art exhibitions.  Please check the blog for latest news and events.  Her work is available direct from her studio (by appointment please).  Please call her or make contact to arrange a visit.


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Sarah has exhibited at the Society of Designer Craftsmen on a regular basis and in a solo show in their Shoreditch Gallery and Pangolin London, at the Red Gallery, the Brick Lane Gallery, together with taking part in the London Design Festival.

Sarah first began to make pottery following a major accident in her later 20s (2004) and through attending courses with Sandy Brown at her studio in Appledore in Devon.  Sarah studied ceramics at Central St Martins College of Art and Design and works from her studio in Barnet, Hertfordshire.  Having spent a number of years working with low fired earthenware, exploring its semi-porous qualities, she now works with high fired vitreous ceramics (fired to stoneware, 1260°C). She is interested in the expressive possibilities available in clay and moving to stoneware has given this a sense of immediacy.

She works with softish clay, throwing on a slow-turning Leach Wheel, then applying a layer of white slip to release the grey body, allowing for vibrant colours to be applied.

She is also noted for her ‘gesture’ figures, roughly textured and often boldly formed sculptures.  Working with the freedom of these forms expresses aspects of herself and of her life experience.  Just as the injuries sustained in her 20s continue to be accommodated and even celebrated in her daily life, the results, or lessons, of those experiences are accommodated through these works.  Clay’s capacity to reveal hidden, sometimes ancient knowledge is an act of transformation and one which Sarah hopes transmits as a world of positive possibilities.


Now working with Vinterior

I am delighted to say that I am now working in collaboration with Vinterior.co Select pieces will be listed on their site for purchase online.  Direct enquiries here are still very welcome as well.  Visit my Vinterior collection here.