What I do

Meet Sarah Core, a British ceramic artist who teaches wellbeing through clay and creates mindful, cadenced ceramics

“Harmony is not always exact”.

Sarah is a British Ceramic Artist who works with the physical, mindful and cadenced process of making in clay. She works in community settings and delivers public engagement projects. Her sculptural work is to a great extent about ‘being a woman’ and emerges as visceral, highly textured, and vibrantly decorated high fired ceramics.

“There is a preoccupation in my sculpture with the immanence of the feminine and the results, or lessons, of that experience….each piece is a meditation on this emergent experience.”

Sarah Core works to build national opportunities as a woman artist, both in gallery settings and in crossover spaces. As an educator and speaker she specializes in conceiving and producing clay workshops, inviting participants to enjoy the power of their own creative endeavour. She delivers complex community projects working not just with ceramics but different materials that meet the requirements of the context in which they are placed. These focus on improvement and enhancement of environment and the lives of local people.


Sculptural objects that have a multifaceted nature; they are not merely functional vessels but also thought-provoking objects.

Hand Held

Hand-held art has been popular since the 1600s, and these pieces are a perfect example of timeless beauty.


Sarah Core offers ceramic workshops. All of her workshops are inclusive, creative, and mindful in nature. Sarah also offers private one-on-one consultancy sessions on the practicalities of ceramics.

Mindful making

Working with clay is therapeutic for many people because it requires patience, focus, and concentration. Discover the joy of mindful making with my workshops for all abilities – from novice to expert.

Art For Sale

Find your perfect piece of art for your home, office, or gallery. Shop for hand-crafted ceramics that are created by a British ceramist.

Happy Students

Wonderful class…..I loved it, Sarah is a great instructor and I would definitely do this again.
- Becky Irvin