Introducing “Wisdom” – A Remarkable Ceramic Masterpiece!
I am thrilled to unveil “Wisdom,” a captivating glazed ceramic sculpture that embodies the essence of artistic craftsmanship. Allow me to introduce you to this exceptional piece:

Product Description: “Wisdom” stands tall with dimensions of 22cm (height) x 29cm (width) x 22cm (depth). Meticulously crafted by hand, this glazed ceramic sculpture exudes elegance and depth. With its captivating presence, “Wisdom” serves as a timeless symbol of knowledge and enlightenment.

The intricate details and exquisite glazing on “Wisdom” are a testament to the artist’s skill and dedication. Every curve and contour tells a story, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound wisdom that lies within.

Price: £800 (plinth is 30cm square)

Are you ready to welcome the beauty and wisdom of “Wisdom” into your space? This exceptional ceramic masterpiece is a statement piece that will elevate any environment. Contact me directly for purchasing details or any inquiries you may have.


Product Description