The Therapeutic Power of Clay by Sarah Core

30th June 2024

Impression platter with herbs and flowers pressed into clay


In May, we kicked off the month with a full four days at the Living Crafts festival at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. Our pottery workshops were a hit, featuring:

  • Creating Calm with Clay Coils
  • Mindfulness Clay Workshop – Body Mug
  • Impression Platters Workshop

The feedback was incredible, with many attendees requesting their work be glazed. I was wonderfully overwhelmed by the desire to make these pieces permanent. In all my years of showcasing at Living Crafts, this was the first time people wanted their work fired. The lasting memory that clay brings is truly a treasure.

This event was especially significant as it marked the 50th anniversary of Living Crafts Festivals. Keeping a memento of this special milestone made it even more meaningful.

All the pieces have now been glazed and returned to their creators, either by post or collected in person from our studio in Elstree and Borehamwood. Living Crafts also asked me to write a blog post about the therapeutic power of working with clay. Check it out here: The Therapeutic Power of Clay by Sarah Core.

If you’re in Hertfordshire, Elstree and Borehamwood, or Watford, and interested in exploring pottery, our workshops offer a perfect blend of creativity and mindfulness. Join us to experience the therapeutic benefits of working with clay and create beautiful, lasting pieces.

To join our community of makers book your seat on one of our workshops.




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