Home Farm, Aldenham

Home Farm, Aldenham

'.'               There is not much to report here at the moment, as I am only just finding out about this historic site, having moved one of the farm buildings in September 2023.  The Home Farm House at Aldenham was conceived as a...

Opening night at Nude or Fully Clothed

It was a great to meet so many people at the Nude Tin Gallery on Friday night. The opening was a great success with collectors and artists meeting and talking about their interests. Thanks very much to the Nude Tin Gallery for a wonderful opening and for these photos...

Up Against It

This piece explores the complex relationship between feminine beauty, making, work and feminine power.  It works with a figure from my own mythology that emerged as an image in a dream.  It presents an unconventional beauty pressing her breast against a...

Clean brushes

Epic washing up after a day of Has every one of these brush les really been worked with today? That doesn’t include the slip trailers! A little black and white for Sunday evening (despite all the that have explored today