How Pottery classes can inspire creativity and relaxation

10th July 2024

How Pottery classes can inspire creativity and relaxation

Pottery classes offer a unique opportunity to tap into your creative side while finding relaxation and inner peace. These hands-on classes provide a therapeutic outlet for stress and anxiety, allowing you to unwind and express yourself through sculpting clay. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced potter,  molding, shaping, and glazing can be both meditative and inspiring. Joining a class can not only enhance your artistic skills but also ignite a newfound passion for creating beautiful, functional, and artistic pieces. 

Pottery classes

Three students and Sarah learning mindfulness pottery

Pottery classes are a great way to connect with craft and learn new skills.  You can make something handmade and reduce your stress levels through the soothing process of working with clay. Whether you’re throwing on the potter’s wheel, coil-building, slab-building, or painting, joining a class can offer a unique experience to discover the joy of ceramic art.

Next time you are looking to refresh your well-being, consider taking a taster class at our studio.  Our classes can be booked on Class Bento as well as at  It’s a great way to connect with the here and now and explore in a way you won’t experience elsewhere.

How pottery can be both a creative and relaxing activity

Ceramics can be both a creative and relaxing activity because touching this cool material calms your nervous system and brings you into a unique state of concentration, allowing you to create beautiful objects while also helping to soothe your mind. 

Joining a pottery taster session or wheel-throwing class is a unique well-being and fun experience.

Benefits of pottery classes for creativity

Classes are great for anyone looking to learn some new skills.  Wheel throwing and ceramics classes offer a unique experience that can help rejuvenate your senses by connecting with the present moment.  Working with clay brings you into the present moment in a way you won’t get from any other art. 

Helps improve focus and concentration

Classes are great for improving focus and concentration. The process is very absorbing and you will find that the outside world fades as the clay draws you in, allowing you to focus on making to the exclusion of all the usual daily worries.

Opportunities to explore different techniques and styles

Exploring different techniques and styles in the craft of pottery can be a fantastic way to discover the joy of ceramics.  The huge variety of ways to make with clay makes it accessible to everybody.  From throwing, to slab-building, to slip-decorating (very underated in my opinion!) and even into the technicalities of glaze making, the possibilities mean a hugely satisfying experience.

Attending a taster class can be a fantastic way to be introduced to techniques and understand different materials.  This brings new perspectives on everyday items; you may never look at a mug in the same way again!

Benefits of pottery classes for relaxation

Classes are great for mental well-being and relaxation because they can be supportive and cohesive.  Making pottery allows you to use your hands and focus on the present moment. A pottery class can calm and rejuvenate your mind by making new friends, team building with work colleagues, and spending time with existing friends. Whether you’re interested in wheel throwing, ceramic painting, or handmade pottery, classes at Sarah Core Arts offer a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and make pottery pieces.

Mindfulness practice and clay

Mindfulness practice has been talked a lot about.  It is a great way to bring your focus to the present moment.  Mindfulness clay is unique because it brings the result to reality to treasure and reflect on.  This is something that I have developed and is unique to my studio.

Looking for a way to refresh and improve your mental wellbeing? Try one of Sarah’s mindfulness clay workshops.

Therapeutic benefits of working with clay

Moving clay through your hands can soothe the mind and bring a sense of well-being and connection.  The act of touching clay slows you down and allows you to respond to the material as it changes before your eyes.

Finding local classes or workshops

Are you looking to enhance your creativity?  Pottery-making classes are great for learning the craft of pottery and creating something unique.  Joining a pottery class or taking a pottery taster class is a great way to connect with others and discover the joy of making your own handmade pottery.

You can find classes that fit your interests. Many studios offer private pottery sessions for a more personalized experience. Sarah’s approach is unique because it focuses on working with the clay in the studio and bringing a collaborative approach to you and to the material.  Clay is unique because as you work with it you begin to focus on the present and as we work with clay rather than use it, we are rewarded by learning and understanding how it works.  Pottery pieces are often (but not always!) fired in a kiln to create beautiful ceramic mugs, bowls, and more.  Check our our air dry clay options in the shop.

Investing in basic pottery supplies

Investing in basic pottery supplies is not always necessary but some basic tools can mean you can get started at home.  Whether you decide to take classes in a pottery studio or try pottery making at home, classes in Watford and Elstree, such as those offered by Sarah Core Arts’ fully equipped ceramics studio, can introduce you to techniques like wheel throwing, coil building, and ceramic painting.

Setting aside time for regular practice

Setting aside time for regular practice in pottery can be a great way to soothe your mind and refresh your mental well-being. Whether you have a pottery wheel at home or attend classes in London or ‘where the trees start’ in Hertfordshire, taking the time to create something with your hands is a unique experience. Next time you’re looking to learn some new skills, consider Sarah’s ‘throwing bundles’. Sarah Core Arts offers pottery taster classes in a welcoming ceramics studio, where you can discover the joy of handmade pottery with Sarah’s supportive, and expert tuition.


Whether you are a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, a painting session or pottery-making class can be a great way to be mindful and secure your spot in a relaxed and friendly environment. These creative outlets provide a hands-on experience and a sense of touch that can be grounding on a rainy day. Team-building activities such as pottery-making are designed to accommodate people of all ages and can be a great way to socialize and have fun with others. Instructors will guide you every step of the way, so don’t be afraid to try something new and want to explore a new hobby in a supportive environment.


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