Radio appearances

9th October 2020

Radio appearances, #SerenityRadio with the amazing Amanda Joy Harrison.

I was interviewed recently about the health benefits of working with clay on Amanda’s Wednesday Wellbeing show. #wednesdaywellbeing.  Listen again via her podcast on buzzsprout.

“This week on the #wednesdaywellbeing show we are exploring the health benefits of art. 

For centuries people have used art as a way to express their feelings and improve their well-being. From a very young age, we instinctively use drawing, painting or modeling clay as a way to communicate, reduce stress and express emotions. But as adults, we often forget about the beneficial effects of art. 

Art therapy, conducted under the supervision of a skilled therapist is there to remind us that, apart from its creative value, art is a valuable tool for preventing sickness, improving health and overall well-being. 

This week I’m chatting with ceramic artist and meditation teacher Sarah Core 

Sarah works with the physical, mindful and repetitive process of making in clay.  She began working with clay following a life-threatening accident and her recovery was both an internal and external one, integrating the two to reach wholeness.  She trained as a reiki master, crystal healer, and meditation teacher and went back to university and studied ceramics at Central st Martin’s college of art and design. 

Sarah’s work with ceramics is all about building and wellbeing.  Her approach to making is an extension of meditation and her courses combine the process of meditation with the soft responder that clay can be.”

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Anna Maxted taking an online pottery class with son Casper CREDIT: Rii Schroer

As featured in The Daily Telegraph on 17 October, 2020, Get Mindful with Clay courses are featured by Anna Maxted.


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