Clay workshops and clay parcels

1st July 2020

Clay workshops and clay parcels

NEW SERIES:  launched 4 July.  Due to unavoidable circumstances, the remainder of the second series has been postponed until the autumn 2020.    LIVE STREAM guided ‘mindfulness clay workshop’ e-classes into your home. 
Some reviews:“Thank you for a great class! Nice mediation & great delivery.” DA “There is something really…organic to taping into your intuition and meditating as a starting point. I often create with a purpose and then I need to make a thing and it was really enjoyable to let go of that…then you go from there and then work with it and develop.” EM2 hours per session.  This will allow for more complex projects and to give more time for shared making, reflection and development which is a very valuable part of making in a group. These sessions can now be booked via the online shop but I am very happy to take bookings by email at if you prefer.

Clay at Home – clay projects postal service #clayathome clay parcels are continuing!

Mindful clay workshop registration

I am delighted to continue to offer the packs, though at a price that also includes my work, as of 4 July, £16 for 1kg of clay plus £5.57 postage. There will be some new projects worksheets included in the pack with a selection of 6 paints and a paintbrush with mixing palette too. This is available to buy via the shop and Clay at Home parcels can still be made by BACS in the mean time.  Please email for my bank details and to let me know the address for clay dispatch.


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