Mindfulness clay workshops – back online!

Happy January!  I have added the sessions for the mindfulness clay workshop for the rest of the year.  The next session is 30 January and this is a great way to welcome in the new year.   It’s a perfect way to make a fresh start with your creativity.

This clay creativity workshop is held via Zoom in the comfort of your own home and focuses on intuitive making in clay.

Working with clay in this way is a really beautiful way of getting to know your creativity, so is ideal both for beginners in clay or more experienced makers.

We use high quality air dry clay, which is sent to you prior to event, or you are welcome to bring your own if you want to: please select the appropriate option from the my website shop and allow up to a week for UK postage.

Be welcome!

Educator – participation ahead of the curve

How is the making of a new page for the website worthy of a blog post? Well, because I’d be lying if I said it didn’t surprise me how straightforward it was.  The complexity of the ways in which I have worked with clay in engagement projects has only now been given clarity.

Recently I have been investigating the latest research in Arts for Health and Participation art and it seems that I was ahead of the curve on this.  Measuring the value and impact of these engagements on a national scale has been outside of my scope but I am fortunate that this has been going on amongst key innovators and influencers in this field, in the guise of Clayground Collective and their directors Duncan Hooson and Julia Rowntree in 2012/13. 

My own work has my own maker’s mark on, if you will, working with groups in a more intimate way, in a kind of off-grid way but still in the public realm;  it’s focus remains the celebration of the power of making to transform lives.

The driving force behind this post, though, is really the capacity for distillation:  to write one page that distills a huge breadth and depth of work and maintains an overview has been a small revelation to me, and worthy of sharing.

Take a look at the new page! https://www.sarahcorearts.com/about-2/educator/


Joy of Sound ‘My house your house:  Casa Mia Casa Tua’







I was invited by the Joy of Sound (an arts for wellbeing organisation) to take part in their Inclusive Combined Arts Workshops programme.  The workshop took place in June. 

We welcomed those with diverse physical, mental and social needs and working with volunteers and art therapists, the workshop celebrated house and home.  Images and feelings associated with home were explored visually in surface and relief making by participants and facilitators. The aims for the workshop were to imagine and re-imagine images of home that we could all share and celebrate together.   Different methods of making allowed everybody to be included in the making of model homes, working with soft clay – air dry – tiles in two colours, the group worked together to add or to carve into the tiles.   The model homes were saved towards the end of the workshop series.