Mindfulness Clay at home clay kit

Clay creativity kit for mindfulness clay at home.


Product Description

Bring mindfulness clay to the comfort of your own home.

Each clay kit includes:

  • 1kg white air dry clay
  • 1kg terracotta air dry clay
  • x8 piece pottery toolkit
  • x3 incense sticks
  • 3 page mindfulness clay tips leaflet

This clay can be painted or left as is when dry and the two colours of clay can be worked together to bring fantastic results.  It can be fired if you have the facilities (I can offer a firing service of unpainted dry work - please contact me for more details).  Each clay at home kit is prepared with love and packed with care to reach you in the best possible condition.  We work hard to make our packaging biodegradeable or recycleable/recycled. Did you know that clay is used in glossy magazines?  The glossier the page the harder it is to recycle, so our leaflets are noticeably non-shiny, which makes them easier to recycle. Add the code, Coronation, to your purchase at the checkout to receive a 10% discount. Sarah

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 310 × 215 × 7 cm


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