Sarah Core
Sarah Core


Sarah Core Arts
Home Farm, Aldenham Rd, Elstree, Radlett, Borehamwood WD6 3AZ


Mar 24 2024


10:30 am - 5:00 pm



Pottery, Sound and Yoga One Day Retreat

After a warm welcome on arrival, gather together for a grounding session in the SoulLand Yurt, starting the day off perfectly.

Thereafter, you will join one of two groups, with each group taking part in the activities listed below. We will all gather together for lunch, to replenish energy, mingle, share experiences, and connect with each other.

Gentle Yoga with Rina
Using a beautiful array of asanas, you will dive into the watery depths of your Sacral ‘Svadhisthna’ Chakra, to help you connect to emotions, creative expression and feelings of abundance.

As we gently move through using the breath, the body will have a chance to stretch and strengthen whilst releasing pent up stress and tension. The mind will be eased and your cares will seem so far away.

Your session will end with a serene guided meditation designed to welcome in deeper relaxation and connection to self.

Mindfulness Pottery with Sarah
Your group will make a short walk from the SouLand yurt, drawing on the energy of the earth, to the nurturing setting of Sarah Core Arts pottery studio.

Relax into your creativity with the support of clay in a gentle, comforting and grounding process of making a pinch/thumb pot. You will be guided through a mindfulness meditation, and then making your pot with your eyes closed. This process will allow your personal connection with the material to flourish and your to creativity blossom, releasing tension and feeling rewarded by the results of your connection. Our focus will be on working slowly and in rhythm with the breath.

There should be time for those who wish to share their reflections after making, letting go of expectations and perhaps of long held tensions around creativity.

Sound Bath with Alison
Take a deeply relaxing journey as you snuggle down with pillows and blankets to let the power of sound wash over and through you.

There will be a beautiful selection of crystals available, so trust your intuition and be guided to choosing the perfect one for you. Hold this crystal in your palm or place anywhere you feel drawn to and then let the soothing, healing sounds weave their magic.

As you nestle into comfort, the chorus of Tibetan and crystal bowls will blend effortlessly with gongs, singing pyramid, rain stick and Shaman drum to whisk you away to a deeper meditative state.

Sound Baths are healing, help Chakra rebalancing and soothe mind and body. I look forward to welcoming you to this one!

Reflection Time
This section of the day is specially designed to give you a much needed PAUSE – a time for reflection. We invite you to return to the pottery, grab a cuppa and nestle down to simply BE, or to journal, draw, paint, colour or select oracle and angel cards for more guidance and wisdom.

Enjoy this time to tap into what intuitively feels right in the moment.

Knowledge required
Beginner-friendly, no experience of yoga, pottery, or sound baths needed.

What you’ll get
A full day of restorative activities, including a yoga flow, pottery workshop, and sound bath. You will create a beautiful and personal pinch pot to take home. Additionally, you will receive a souvenir gift bag that reflects the experiences of the day. The gift bag includes:

  • A selection of Gua Sha stones with complementary face oil
  • A handcrafted ceramic journaling bookmark
  • Incense
  • A pocket notebook
  • A herbal tea bag
  • A chakra crystal

What to bring
Wear comfortable clothes that you can exercise in and bring a favourite blanket if you have one. Wear good outdoor shoes as we will be walking through fields.