Pinch pot paradise – 1 hr mindfulness clay workshop

Connect with your creative flow in this mindful clay workshop working slowly to make a unique pinch pot for you to treasure. This is a short workshop of mindful making with clay.  No experience with clay or mindfulness practice necessary.  The session will be no more than 1 hour and pre-registration is essential, although times and dates are flexible to suit you.

This workshop makes a perfect gift, as it can be delivered in person or online, which is a great way for families who want to connect over long distances to get together or friends who want to experience a new craft in the comfort of their own home.  Please contact us if you would like to book an online event or for bookings of more than 9 people.

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Course Overview

We will begin with a short welcome from Sarah. After a guided mindfulness exercise, the main activity will be the guided making of a pinch/thumb pot, which should take around 20-30 minutes. The whole workshop is no more than an hour.  Our focus will be on working with our eyes closed and our personal connection with the material rather than technical perfection as the technical outcome is less important than the process in this instance. The focus will be on working slowly and in rhythm with the breath. There should be time for those who wish to share their reflections after making.


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