HowTheLightGetsIn Festival London 2023

24th September 2023

Talk about an artists date to relish!  I try to go on a ‘creative food’ day for myself once again and today I went to London’s HowTheLightGetsIn London 2023.  This incredible two day festival is held in #hay and in #London and this weekend was at the fabulous Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath.   

This show has a wonderful atmosphere, with a really sincere and calm vibe.  The Ground staff and security team were great and friendly.  It was a treat to join the amazing intellectual capital of show this year and I really was spoilt for choice about the talks and the formats on offer.  

The show for me today began with Quantum mechanics (not bad for a Sunday morning!), followed by Ruby Wax on searching for sanity in a Chaotic World, finishing my visit with a fabulous double lecture, Brains, Computers and the AI revolution, with Rosalyn Moran, professor of computational neuroscience and deputy director of the AI Institute at Kings College London.  This is such valuable food for the soul and the mind.

Lovely pizza for lunch as well and really something for everybody.  Of course the delightful locations helped!  Hampstead Heath with wonderful parkland and Kenwood House.  The bookshop was wonderful and of course a trip to the Festival shop.  

I highly recommend attending HowTheLightGetsIn for anyone interested in thought-provoking discussions and intellectual engagement. The line-up of speakers and topics is diverse and captivating, offering a unique opportunity to expand one’s knowledge and perspectives. It truly nourishes not only the mind but also the soul.


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