Educator – Mindful making

Sarah has worked on a wide range of educational and socially responsive projects both independently and with Duncan Hooson, co-director at Clayground Collective. These projects have encompassed a broad range of age groups and cultures, bringing together children, adolescents and adults of all ages.

Community participation
Key elements to building a “sense of community”
1) membership
2) influence
3) integration and fulfilment of needs, and
4) shared emotional connection

Clay is uniquely placed to combine these elements. Sarah has conceived, contributed to and delivered workshops that celebrate the power of the material to make these connections and seek to achieve new and deeper levels of understanding within local communities projects that develop haptic skills and generate positive experiences and memories, building lasting relationships with place and people across cultural and social boundaries.

Wellbeing and Arts for Health
“The arts are increasingly recognised as having the potential to support health and wellbeing.” (Arts for Health and Wellbeing:  an evaluation Framework, Public Health England, 2016).

Workshops designed to reduce anxiety and foster activities that empower individuals by helping them develop a sense of efficacy and by enriching their daily experiences. Sarah has worked with the meditative process of making in clay to develop range of workshops and delivers these in different settings.

Many of these projects have welcomed those with diverse physical, mental and social needs, working with individuals as well as with established art therapy groups.

“I work with my heart but I reach with my hands”; this project with the Carers Trust in Coventry accessed and gave voice to the hidden world of family carers. A short film of the project was commissioned with Shedlight productions, and is available to view on vimeo.  Please click on the image or inline, here to view the film.